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June 12, 2015: Judge finds 'probably cause' in the accusations of murder, involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide, negligent homicide and dereliction of duty for Loehmann.Two days later, Loehmann defended himself, saying Tamir gave him no choice but to shoot him - despite only being on the scene for a few seconds'I think we’ve learned a lot from this incident and other incidents that have happened since 2014,' Chief Williams said at a press conference on Tuesday.A video of workers feeding plastic into a machine to produce white, rice-like granules has sparked fears on Chinese social media.Many people said the factory, thought to be located in China, was producing toxic rice out of sheets of plastic.The newspaper reports a 2012 letter in Loehmann's file from his time at the Independence Police Department stated he was 'weepy' and 'distracted' during firearms qualification training.'He could not follow simple directions, could not communicate clear thoughts nor recollections, and his handgun performance was dismal,' the letter from Independence Deputy Chief Jim Polak stated, according to Polak's statement also recommended the department 'part ways' with the young cop, which it did shortly after.

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Click on this link and fill in the application (tell them I referred you) and see if you can become a participant.Tuesday's announcements come after published videos last month of interviews the officers had after the shooting.Garmback, a 16-year veteran and father-of-three, recalled drilled his 'rookie' partner on how to proceed.'I said, "This is a gun run. Have your gun already unholstered on your lap",' the video shows.He said he and his partner were 'sitting ducks' and believed Tamir was going to open fire on them when they arrived at the park.'The threat just became incredible.I had to make the decision fast because Frank and I were in immediate danger,' he said.'If the subject did pull out the gun and point it towards us, I would have been shot and possibly my partner. Plus, I was stuck in the doorway and my partner was still seated in the driver's seat.'So we were basically sitting ducks.'Rice's shooting sparked outrage and protests, which only intensified after the officers were cleared by the grand jury.

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