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The noncredit con- tinuing education seminar will feature lectures by Agnes Scott and Emory University profes- sors. The cost is .00 per person, .00 per couple and .00 for students. 8 with a lecture on the history of the Middle East by Kenneth W.

Stein, assistant professor of Near Eastern history at Emory University and director of the Emory program in international studies.

The group's sax player honked excellent funky riffs, and the rest of the band was properly energetic as well; they wove and lurched around the stage barely missing each other but reached their microphones in time for vocal ad libs. On September 1 3, 1 651 , he won the battle of Worcester. For leaders of rebellion — those who would chop the heads from college presidents and mount them on a spike — September calls. Our thinking about September led to the dim memory thatthere was something called the "September Bible." We refreshed our memory and realized that Luther's German translation of the New Tes- tament, published anonymously at Wittenberg in September 1522, is the September Bible.

The main attraction was similarly intense, although in a different manner. For a few, for Milton's fit audience though few, schools start in September as an allusion to interpretative documents.

Even less expensive tickets can be purchased through student subscriptions. Negotiations are under way for another recently ac- claimed Broadway offering. March 1 8 - April 1 2 Outrageous humor brings "Volpone" up to date. Sly, he is still the same scheming, rapacious miser bent on extrac- ting fortunes from a trio of greedy opportunists. We savored the relationship of the academic calendar to the old agrarian world from which many of our patterns arise.

It provides a guaranteed reserved seat to all six productions for only .75 (and that's in section A). 1 The Broadway hit comedy about an endearing old couple during a summer of less than peaceful solitude. ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA by William Shakespeare, April 22 - May 17 Jane Alexander stars in the sensuous tragedy abouta great warrior's downfall. Pretenders Rock By Lunar Lily Monday, September 1 5 was a night of contrasts. Then we began to speculate and to realize that in many circles some strange con- clusions would surface because schools open in September.

Remember, the purpose of a dorm swap is to get to know some of the other gals. Get out your sleeping bags and keep your eyes opened for a sign up sheet in your dorm. The commiteee will be acting as a sounding board in the dorms after business hours. We're glad to have Katie with usl Honor Court has already begun several projects, planned this summer and on retreat at Rock Eagle. With the help of faculty, Interdorm, Dorm Coun- cil, Orientation Council, and many Big Sisters, we've tried to impress upon freshmen and transfers not only the trust but by Susan Barnes Mortar Board Chairman Welcome to Agnes Scott, all you Pages, Patties, Scouts, and Scottiesl Mortar Board is so glad you're all here.No incumbent pro- ERA state senator was defeated, while one anti-ERA senator did lose his reelection bid. 25-27 at North De Kalb Mall (321-9844) "EVERY FATHER" Sept. (344-3946) CHILD'S Forrest September 22, 1980 The Profile Page 3 features September classes, causes and conclusions (Editor's note' This article was written by Miss Jo Allen Bradham, a former Agnes Scott professor and was printed in the College concepts' SYLLABUS.) Since this issue of the Syllabus coincides with the opening of colleges and the welcoming of a new freshman class, we thought an inves- tigation of why schools begin in September in order.Page 2 The Profile September 22, 1980 arts and entertainment Alliance Student Savings After tuition, books and board, expendable income for most students is a carefully guarded resource. We ran through all the old as- sociations the explanations that anyone would give.29 in Bradley Observatory at the campus of Agnes Scott College. The Celestial Navigation course will meet for eight weeks every Monday beginning Sept. The opening ceremonies include a special ad- dress by John F. 58 victorious can- didates gave us an impressive 81 percent success rate.Teaching the two courses will be Julius Staal, planetarium director at Agnes Scott and a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, London. Overall, only one legislative candidate who supported ERA was defeated, but she was defeated by an opponent that also sup- ports ERA.

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