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"'Controversy is a big nightmare of mine,' Lofton says between bites. You can't tell the wrong story if there's nothing to tell.' Lofton, 27, the Cleveland Indians' multitalented centerfielder, guards his privacy like Price Waterhouse protects Oscar envelopes.

I don't want to be a part of it because controversy starts rumors, and rumors start wrong perceptions.

The Baseball Almanac trades and transactions database includes Rule 5 Draft picks, free agency information, voided trades, waiver picks, expansion draft data, amateur draft data, player refusals, bonus babies, and many other types of not readily found anywhere on the Internet.

Baseball trades & transactions, like the Kenny Lofton trades and transactions seen above, are an evolving field of research where new discoveries are often found and new player debuts are added to the data set almost daily.

We discourage comments that are personal attacks, abusive, or hateful. Among the players currently available are Tom Goodwin and Brian Mc Rae."We may not do anything, but we're going to look," Hart said. Fortunately, we had two guys who played there a bit last season when Kenny was out." Lofton hit .301 with seven homers and 39 RBIs last season, but played in just 120 games because of a hamstring injury.Good morning and welcome to the YB Box Score, what we're reading while we wish the Giants and Nationals would just chill out for a second.Happy birthday today to Joe Namath, Jim Craig, Kenny Lofton, Dave Roberts, Matt Harpring, Jake Peavy and Nate Robinson! 1967 – In East Chicago, Illinois, future Indians outfielder Kenny Lofton is born.

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