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Below are a few examples that I found of men’s perspective.

If you GF does not pass 100%, there might be funny looks sometimes, depends on who you hang out with.

From all the different ways to hook up with Khmer ladyboys the online dating sites are without doubt the best and safest way to go about it.

In my experience and I think most of my friends who live in Thailand would say the same, there are 2 distinct types. If she is very convincing in looks you might get some inquiring gazes as people figure out if she’s transgender or not, but that’ll be the extent of it. From: https:// 1) “It’s not too different from dating someone who was born female, or a man for that matter.The others are quiet and if in a bar, will be in a bar with mostly females who were born as females.A year ago, I used to go to a bar and regularly played pool, bought drinks and chatted with a charming pretty female.

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