Laptop battery icon not updating

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According to Microsoft this is bug in Windows 7 latter on fixed by Microsoft and some of the update will remove the error, I don’t know exactly what that single update is.

Some points I know for this reason are: Once you plugged in, charge the battery for 100% or at least 95% and unplugged the charger as soon as it reaches this limit.

Now keep using your batter till less that 15% or 10% limit before next time plugging into power source.

Plugged in, Not Charging is a Windows Operating System issue and if you recently having this problem in your laptop then maybe it’s possible that your laptop is suffering from lack of charging and giving you some bad run-time Power Backup, and it’s all happen just because of some minor hardware or software fault, in the laptop of yours. Normally when this Error appears on your screen, then it also possible that you might not be able to see any charging light on your laptop, or maybe the changing light is turned ON, but the adapter still not charging the laptop at all and just only showing you the frozen battery status like or some other froze percentage digit.

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But none of its superpowers matter a bit if it runs out of juice.

After when your laptop’s start completely, then now you’ll need to open your Windows Device Manager by typing the “devmgmt.msc” command in the Run Commander.

Or you can also open it by Right Clicking on the Computer tab in the Start Menu and then select “Manage” to open your Windows Device Manager in front of you, as just like shown in the picture given below.

In this Windows problem solving Tips, we’ll tell you how this error occurs and how to get rid of it.

There can be many reasons for this error, and only 20% chances are there that your battery is faulty and really need replacement.

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