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universe, where sex always arrives in the penultimate episode and always at the behest of the john.

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But in practice, it means a man has sex with three women, three evenings in a row, and professes his deep and romantic feelings to each one of these women, all of whom are fearful of behaving in a way he might not like.

The show assembles a harem of attractive women who attempt to woo one man not just with their charm, but their bodies, their insecurity, and their willingness to suppress any part of their personality that might make them seem difficult—in particular, their innate discomfort that this man is availing himself of numerous other women as he speaks to each of them about feeling a “real connection.” To distract from the ickiness of this setup, ’s resemblance to an unusually public escort service is kept under wraps until late in the season, when the bachelor has narrowed the field down to three suitors.

They are then invited—or not invited—to spend the night with the bachelor in a “fantasy suite,” an evening in a romantic, usually tropical location where the cameras will finally leave these two people alone to get up to whatever they want to get up to.

On a group date in Vietnam, Clare and Juan Pablo ignored everyone else while goofing around in a small Vietnamese rowboat.

After lunch at a farm (“We should have these in America,” said one contestant, a 21-year old former-NBA dancer), Juan Pablo continued to shower Clare with attention.

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