Lauren conrad dating ralph lauren

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Good thing: A place launched with so much expectation invites a trip to the glue factory if opening buzz finds the food dull or the waiters clueless. 55th St., around the corner from the new Ralph Lauren Polo Fifth Avenue store, is fielding a well-drilled squad from the opening ball toss.There’s not a trace of snoots, waiters know the dishes and the kitchen’s timing is as precise as a chukka clock’s. The gorgeous dining room, a flight down from the 36-seat bar/lounge area at street level, doesn’t feel the least subterranean.Since she only turned 23 in February, this means that nearly 22 percent of L.C.'s time on earth has been transmitted to homes around the world.You know how quickly the attention goes away." (Case in point: Her Laguna rival Kristin Cavallari jumped to take Conrad's place on the show, which returns this fall.) Still, she admits, "It doesn't worry me.I'm looking forward to it." It's that affable, self-effacing nature that has turned Conrad into a star of the reality genre. "If you look at the show, there are a lot of skinny girls with big boobs, and they're always perfect. I've screwed up a lot." Indeed, she has screwed up so often, she wanted to publish a book titled How Not to Date "and basically write down every mistake I've ever made." What Conrad hasn't done is try to manipulate and goad the press, as Hills costars Heidi and Spencer Pratt have.There was “Law & Order” actress Stephanie March at a corner table, dining with a gentleman, not her husband Bobby Flay.

"It literally affected the underwear I had to buy because I needed thicker underwear with a more sturdy band so it could hold up a microphone." She goes on."If an actor leaves a show, they go on to play a new part and a new character," Conrad says with great perspicacity. Resplendent in a double-breasted, gold-button navy blazer, Ralph Lauren popped by our table. ” he beamed, his white mane tinted amber by horsy-heaven Polo Bar’s shaded wall sconces and table lamps. But for a restaurant open all of three days, the house is running on all hooves."People crowd around you and you lose that whole personal-space concept.")In front of the Marc Jacobs store on Melrose Place, tourists gawked while 15 paparazzi came out of the woodwork and frantically snapped away.It may not have needed local-police intervention, but "it was a bit of a scene," Conrad explains later. Everything else makes me look sort of plain-Jane."Indeed, it is the golden locks and girl-on-the-make spirit that has earned Conrad, a self-proclaimed multitasker — "I'm a writer slash designer slash TV personality.

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