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When singles whinge about their situation and stand in corners looking glum, no fellow singleton (who is sober) is going to waltz up and ask to buy them a drink. Because we're attracted to people who smile, laugh and are confident in their own skin.

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Instead, there are better ways to meet people that don't include drinking yourself into a lull so that your beer goggles make anything on two legs look half decent. Speaking of taut buns, working up a sweat induces endorphins.

Now this is a mild case of stalking so remember not to talk about things that she hasn't talked about when you do decide to meet her.

Besides Facebook, there are online dating services that do a great job of matching people up based on personality and similar interests.

Let's say you are with your friends and you are too shy to talk with a girl.

Later, you can casually ask her if she has Facebook and can add her as a friend later.

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