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Original side entries, in addition to the normal gable end entries, allowed for the entry and exit of hay wagons in these barns.The east gable end wall has evidence that it originally had a pentice.To the north in both Columbia and Rensselaer Counties we begin to see an interesting and unusual situation where there is a mixture of tree species usage.A number of barns have H-frame columns of oak and anchorbeams of pine.The two H-frames that delimit the middle bay have anchorbeams whose opposing faces are notched approximately six inches down from their tops.Thus ledges are formed so that a plank floor could be laid between them along the full length of the anchorbeams.

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In the Wagner barn this method of combining woods attains the height of its expression.A loaded hay wagon could proceed into this area, its contents be unloaded, and continue out the opposite side of the barn.Only four other Dutch barns are known to have both the ledged anchorbeam and side entry condition.The great majority of these barns are of 3 or 4 bays. The barn has a date of 1774 and is 60.5 feet long and 43 feet high at the roof peak. It is of seven-bay construction and possesses many unusual features.There are about 30 five-bay barns and about six (6) six-bay barns. Two of these features act in concert with each other.

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