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But, you still feel that your conversion rates and sales numbers have not increased to the level that you expected at an initial stage.

The visitors on your website are asking way too many questions about even the basic things that you feel are self-explanatory, abandoning their shopping cart even after getting help from your chat agent and it’s becoming tough to coach your customer service teams. The missing link that would connect your business with a better user experience and higher profits is the proper analysis of your live chat transcripts.

Quantitative chat analytics include metrics such as visitor details, agent response time, chat rating, chat duration etc.

These must be monitored to improve the conversion rate of your website and are indispensable.

Many businesses do not undertake it, while those who do are not able to harness the full potential of these transcripts and merely use them for training their chat agents.

Chat transcripts give you access to customers’ vocabulary or the words they use to express their concerns, that you can use to connect with them better. Coach agents and establish best practices Live chat transcripts let you monitor and analyze your chat agents’ performances.You’ll get to know the vocabulary that your customers are using while interacting.Incorporate these words in your web copy to connect more with your users.Such conversations that contain specific details of a previous correspondence convey to the users that you care about them and strengthen customer relationships.Simply follow these basic steps to get valuable insights from your chat history archives.

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