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There was no direct mention of Amazon in the Justin Acquisition document, but the filing included the name of a paralegal employed at the time by Amazon.Amazon never responded to our request (or Geek Wire’s, it seems) for comment on the story. We discovered some direct links between Biba and Amazon that point to both Biba’s technology and employees now being part of Amazon.ALCH: OMG that Wednesday sandwich deal got me through fourth year uni. CHIEFS: I love a grilled pork roll from N Lee Bakery, or any good Viet bakery. SQUAD MUM: Must eat on bench outside bakery and playing Footscray spotto.

In any case, however, for now it looks like whatever Amazon brings to the table in terms of its own software is there to complement, not cannibalise, services that work over AWS, which the company has been building out as an extensive marketplace for third-party business software providers, the enterprise equivalent of Amazon’s consumer e-commerce marketplace.We've tried to make sense of it all below ahead of this weekend's Grey Marle Music Vol. 1 Release Launch, hitting the Mercat on Saturday 27 June (FB event HERE). ALCH: Umm Dukes on Flinder's Lane - best almond croissants in Melbourne. Looking around Amazon’s job boards, we found only one reference to Biba on there: in an ad for a training specialist for AWS Support, helping AWS customers with questions about AWS products, where Biba is named along with Webex and Adobe Connect as one of the software platforms that applicants need to have used in the past.Amazon could build its own proprietary internal support network on Biba’s platform; potentially, it could subsequently offer this out as a service on AWS.

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