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Irglová is us, if we were thrust in such an uncompromising and glorious situation based on our talent and passion and our capacities to believably feel in the moment.

The title track is the Springsteen classic and it’s hard not to think of what he’s been through when he sings the opening line:“When I lost you honey, sometimes I think I lost my guts too.”It’s true that Once is a bittersweet love story.

But both the bitterness and the sweetness have continued long past its final curtain.

Once upon a time, audiences fell in love with Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová as their characters in the hit movie Once fell slowly into an unrequited affair rooted in their shared musical passion.

“It was because he was Irish and exotic, and I had to speak English.”Despite the difference in their ages, the two kept in touch, with Hansard mentoring her as a songwriter, and they finally began to perform together in Europe in late 2005 as a duo called The Swell Season.

Then their lives took an unexpected turn, thanks to a name from Hansard’s past.

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