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Everything at Weston Park has a fascinating story to tell and begs yet further questions to be answered.How did all of these important paintings by some of the world’s finest artists come to be here?In 1815, through his Royal friendship, Orlando was successful in having the Bradford Earldom revived and so was elevated within the peerage as the 1st Earl of Bradford of the second creation.During his lifetime the family’s estates increased in size when, in 1803 his cousin the 7th and last Earl of Mountrath died leaving the Weeting Estate in Norfolk and the Walsall Estate to the Bradfords.During the 19th century, political influence and Royalty featured strongly in the House’s fortunes.The 3rd Earl, who succeeded in 1865, was Master of the Horse to Queen Victoria and both he and his wife Selina were friends with the ageing Prime Minister Disraeli.

The true gender was discovered when it laid 24 eggs in 23 days and then promptly died.Lady Wilbraham kept a close eye on the expenditure, making detailed annotations of costs in her copy of Palladio’s Book of Architecture which remains in the collection at Weston.Elizabeth’s daughter Mary married Richard Newport, the 2nd Earl of Bradford of the first creation.The 2nd Earl and Countess of Bradford’s sons died without legitimate issue and so Weston Park passed to their daughter Lady Anne Newport.She had married Sir Orlando Bridgeman, 4th Baronet and it was their son, Sir Henry Bridgeman 5th Baronet who came to live at Weston in the 1760′s.

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