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This includes, but is not limited, to the following items: By using this kind of information, we can eliminate many of the tools and steps listed in this article to diagnose the problem.

However, even with consistently reproducible steps, your support engineer will require a significant amount of data (such as log files, configuration settings, and third-party software information) to analyze the problem.

For calendar issues that cannot be easily reproduced, you will need to gather and provide a lot of data for the Microsoft support engineer to effectively troubleshoot the issue.

This is primarily due to the complexity of the Calendar feature set in Office Outlook and Exchange Server, and the varied scenarios and products that touch the data on a calendar.

This lets us see who is busy in the Share Point calendar and when using the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook. If I update a meeting in Outlook, the update doesn't change the Share Point event (and vice versa).

I have to actually go into the calendar I didn't change, delete the event, and copy the new event to the calendar.

As Outlook is in Offline Mode, the message will hang in your Outbox.We use Outlook to schedule meetings, but we want scheduled events and meetings and training to show on the Calendar in Share Point.So when there is a meeting, I create it in my personal Outlook calendar and then copy it to the Share Point calendar that shows in Outlook.I do this because the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook doesn't show me as busy during meetings scheduled on the Share Point calendar (in Outlook) and the same applies with the Group Calendar in Share Point.But when a meeting time changes or is otherwise modified, the changes only apply to the event on either my personal calendar or the Share Point calendar (wherever I made the change).

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