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By participating, you’ll be rewarded with insider knowledge, as well as the chance to network with other people who share your interests or business ventures.Just be careful not to participate so much that you dilute your brand.Then comes the weekend, after which I’ll start all over again the following Monday.These meetings of the mind last only an hour, but they are jam-packed with wisdom, insight, and introspection.

For example, if the moderator wants to post a recap of the week’s chat, she can search the hashtag to select highlights.Is she a professional, an entrepreneur, or an amateur?Different users may look for different things; regardless, make sure your potential moderator lives up to your expectations.They’ve changed how I approach my day job, taught me how to improve the community I live in, given me insight into the opposite sex, and simplified my journey toward living a fulfilling life.And over the handful of weeks that I’ve lent my voice to these bits of chatter, I haven’t spent a dime. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of joining one yet, a hashtag chat is a regular conversation, usually taking place on the same day of each week.

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