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In this week’s episode, (aired on Tuesday) in a plot twist as old as the hills but perennially intriguing, Gemma shared a passionate, violent-at-times romp with ex, nasty Simon.

How on earth could that kind of dialogue end up with them tearing each other’s clothes off and thrashing around on the kitchen table where they used to eat as a family, you might well ask. The two of them had been lovers for a decade — the chemistry that kept them attracted to each other for all that time didn’t just disappear after he ran off with someone else.Sexual desire is ignited inside the temporal lobe in the brain, which sits behind our forehead — and in one area of it in particular, the amygdala, where our most powerful emotions are processed.This, and another region, the hippocampus, which is also located in the temporal lobe, and is responsible for managing our memories, are the two areas that fire up when hate sex suddenly seems a good idea.And, should you cross that line, a whole cascade of powerful feel-good hormones — dopamine, oxytocin and adrenaline — are released, putting you on an emotional high. But, of course, like any act committed in anger or revenge, as good as hate sex indisputably feels in the moment, it doesn’t actually resolve any issues — indeed, it runs the risk of spectacularly backfiring.It’s like having a fantastic, booze-fuelled evening and then regretting it all the next day.

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