My boyfriends dating sites

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Go back and kick him in the nuts...This is not an oversight... If I was dating someone and they were paying for a site I would end it.

If your in a relationship "YOUR IN A RELATIONSHIP".

It may not mean he’s cheating but I do think it means he’s not taking the relationship as seriously as he should be. This doesn’t mean that he’s going to cheat on you or break up immediately but it can’t be seen as a good thing.

The primary reason to keep an online dating profile active is simple: the desire to meet people. Maybe he just likes having his ego stroked when women flirt with him. He may not flirt but likes the idea that women like him. At the very least, this action is a serious sign of disrespect.

I'm going to assume (for now) that it's an oversight.

Crossing my fingers ~god that sounds like my ex who is on this site i met him on here he said he didnt wanna loose me 3 months in he gets really distant i call him up n another girl answers his "wife" supposedly well if hes married why on earth is he on here with yet another profile saying hes looking for a girl he can settle down with.

The point is to get him to recognize that you have a profile as well and hopefully this will help him realize that it doesn’t feel good when the person you’re dating is putting themselves out there in a singles community.

Kudos to the men for speaking up about what a "Real Man" would do. I feel for you about having spent two years of your life with this jerk. "If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, acts like its a duck -- it's a duck." I have to say that when I was with my girlfriend of 5 years, I never once in considered having a profile on a dating site.The explanations for this are pretty weak but these men always make the argument that there’s some good reason to keep their profile active.If you’re a woman who has found herself in this situation, I think you have a problem on your hands. He’s looking to meet or talk to women for some other reason I’ve not thought of. First, I think you need to take serious consideration in the fact that he’s not as committed to your relationship as he should be.This is a problem since he’s not in a position to be flirting! If you’re his woman, he should appreciate that and shouldn’t be pulling this kind of thing.Reasons This Might Happen Here are all the reasons I could think of for a man to keep a profile active while he’s in a relationship. He’s not sure that he likes his current relationship. It’s along the lines of a boyfriend who continues to talk to the ex that he just broke up with and I think it’s reasonable to ask him to stop.

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