My mom is dating the history of radiocarbon dating

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They realize that their mom deserves better than what she is getting.

Obviously no one likes to see their mom suffer, so teens , tend to be a little overprotective when it comes to other male figures in their mom’s lives.

I've ignored this piece of advice myself many times in the past, convincing myself that three months is enough time to move on from a five-year relationship.

When my mom told me she had started dating a roadie for a country western band, my very first gut reaction was sheer giddiness.

I've broken this rule more times than I care to admit. When a guy tells me how pretty and funny I am, all my common sense goes out the window.

You know the drill: Your phone pings, and your heart races when his name flashes on your screen.

unless you want that cute book nerd to become your cute boyfriend.

You see, guys like the chase, and if you don't make them work for it, they give up and lose interest.

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