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I would recommend this camera to anyone who's looking for a good camera to monitor a room at a decent price. What made me choose the Ezviz Mini O was the well designed smart phone app and web site. I would recommend this camera without hesitation and plan to buy another to use as a baby monitor.

At first I wasn't getting good reception and the two way wouldn't work, but I noticed on the settings in the app that the camera was only receiving one bar from my wifi configuration. It was easy to setup by just adding a camera in the app and scanning the code on the bottom of the camera.

The camera was ez to attach to my wifi using the EZViz app already on my Android phone.

I placed the camera high in my kitchen looking across my center island.

I also liked that it came with a metal plate I could screw in anywhere and the camera's built in magnet just attaches to it. A big plus has been that when my wifi and electricity go out and the IP address changes this camera will reset and allow the ip address to change.I was sent this for an unbiased and truthful review. It works and has all of the features you would need. Second, when the IR is turned on, sometimes, the camera gets stuck in the "black and white IR mode", which, the camera needs to be reset to fix. You just have to remember that there are much better cameras available from ezviz.Hello, Users do not need to delete old videos, when the SD card reaches its maximum capacity, the newest video overwrites the oldest video, ensuring that the device is always recording when motion events do occur.However, within the app, there is an option to have the app generate a QR code based on your router's info (SSID and passphrase). Only downside is it only supports 2.4Ghz not 5Ghz wifi. The only complaint I have is that I cant view the image on my EZVIZ dvr, other than that I have been very happy with it.You then hold your phone up in front of the camera so that it can read it, and pull the configuration. Which in my case did not matter because my router does both. ** I was given this product by EZVIZ in exchange for a review. I wanted a camera that was reliable, easy to use, wireless and had a smart phone app.

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