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His no-nonsense prose and his view of modern life as ugly, brutish and short had a deep influence on the French cinema in its realistic mode.

The astringent minimalism of French directors over the past 60 years may have been perfected by Robert Bresson, but it was inspired by the netherworld in which Simenon characters dwell. As director, co-adaptor and star, Amalric has made the book into a film that is splendidly taut, forcefully understated and, at just 76 minutes, blessedly concise.

A tigress in bed, the passionate and possessive Esther bites Julien’s mouth, as if signaling to attentive eyes — those of his wife Delphine (Léa Drucker), for example — that he belongs to her.

In a performance that disdains operatic excess, Cléau never raises her voice. Like this excellent little film, she achieves maximum impact with minimal means.(Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, is suing Gawker for 0 million for posting a sex tape he claims was made without his knowledge.An edited version of the video remained on the site for approximately six months until a court ordered its removal.) A transcript of the chat makes for interesting -- albeit NSFW -- reading, if only because it reveals the difference in how many people tend to view chat room communications compared to email.You reflect and revise and delete before you hit send.By its very nature, email gives you the time to make sure your better instincts prevail.

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