Not engaged yet after dating

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"I kind of like getting married and then getting to know each other; I know that it sounds incredibly strange, but to me, it’s a more natural process.”She's not the only woman who thinks love is a dish best served piping hot.

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How I knew: "Labor Day was the only weekend we both had off for the rest of the year!" So they marched down to the Justice of the Peace and made it official.My advice: "Treat each other with respect and always be honest," Jacobs says, adding, "Okay, sometimes I would go shopping and leave purchases in the trunk to avoid discussion, but if asked I would have confessed!His smooth moves (and good hygiene—who doesn't love a man who does the dishes? He proposed the very next weekend and within a few months they were married.How I knew: "I knew he was it because of how easy we talked about important things like money management, our faith, how similar/different our families of origin were, that kind of thing."My advice: "Focus on the important stuff.

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