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It may be the shortest month of the year but it’s starting to heat up (well, not necessarily literally) and things are starting to really cook.

Update: Gandi notifications AND In Depth: EBEROs Tech Fundamentals: Debian And as always, we'll be wrapping things up with This month's release calendar and Promo Round-up.

returns information including any Daylight Saving Time offsets in emails and webpages.

Figure 10-16 • Schema diagram for lst Time Zone Response The following sample XML document returns time zone information for Pacific Time (San Francisco, CA).

The Chinese domain name market is hot right now, like we said, and shopping is always popular, so this one seems like a pretty solid win. You can check the full list here for recently added strings.

Remember: these are new TLDs on the cutting edge of having been added by ICANN.

There were no real "trends" per se in this month's new strings delegated to the root, but as always, we've pulled out a couple of the more interesting ones.

Helsinki has apparently joined the growing list of cities with their own TLD. It seems like most city TLDs are outside of the US, which, okay, is logical since most cities, period, are outside the US but there are dozens in Europe (.berlin, .london, .amsterdam, .brussels, .madrid, .barcelona, .hamburg, .paris, .stockholm .cologne, .helsinki, .zurich, .moscow, .istanbul, .budapest, .wien) and a handful in Asia, and many scattered around Africa, Oceania, and South America but in North America we really only have .miami, .nyc, .quebec, .vegas, and .boston.

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Since our last newsletter, a lot has happened: we went to SCa LE in Pasadena, we were awarded the award for most promising registrar by the registry for domains, which we see as a really promising development for future cooperation (not just promising for ourselves), and we’ve made some updates to our Simple Hosting php platform.

As such, any discussion of one of these TLDs should not be interpreted as meaning any of these extensions will be imminently available on Gandi (though we, of course, try to offer all the extensions we possibly can).

Last fall we highlighted our stance on the monetization of domain parking pages in our High Price of Cheap post.

It’s a global computer network responsible for matching the URLs that users enter into their browsers with the appropriate servers.

The first is the ability to set up a fallback deployment in case its flagship managed DNS platform goes down.

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