Number validating a meeting

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The assessors and company manager get together to make sure that each assessor is marking the participants in the same way.

An example is included for each so we can better understand when this type might be used.We can make it very complicated, but really that’s what it comes down to.Whenever we do any assessment that might lead to the issue of a nationally recognised qualification (such as one from a Training Package), we need to validate our work.We talk about these assessments and how they might collect evidence that will help us to make good decisions, and especially whether they will “work” for the range of different people we have who do our courses. Assessment Panels are just one of a number of ways that we can undertake our validation.This is great professionally because I get to learn about ideas of other people, while at the same time fulfilling my VET Quality Framework duties. In it, I got together with some other assessors and we had a look at the assessment tools. Of course, how we go about it will depend on what our purpose is.

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