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So I was at the gym and ready to go, so the rep suggested the Pilates class. There was also weights and plates to really work the arms.

I got the last spot on the list, and although I was a bit disappointed, the rep assured me the class was really intense. One of the moves was doing a push up on the weights then jumping legs out and back. There are plenty of locations in Manhattan and tons of great classes.

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So I didn't get to go the class but I put a link to a 7 minute video of Sarina J's class below, there are a ton of them on youtube. Every move was done at an incredibly high pace and with endless reps. I actually found this really annoying, if I have 200 reps left I would like to know that rather than hearing 10 and knowing that I am no where near the end and the number has zero significance.

Plus, here is an article on Sarina from Cooking Light. Tina would say 20 more, and as soon as we got to 20, she would say 20 more, this happened three or four times for each move. None of the moves were the Pilates moves I knew, but it was definitely an incredible workout. We did over 200 butterfly kicks while having our upperbody lifted with arms overhead and went directly into 100 leg drops!

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