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My job is to guide her ” "In fact the ones that have been together for a long time, have been agonising about how to tell their families, how to deal with the fall-out, how to deal with the fact it may be forbidden in their faith or their communities' interpretation of the faith." While not promoting inter-faith marriage, the Christian Muslim Forum recognises the opportunity for the two faiths to have a dialogue about the subject.Speaking at a recent inter-faith conference in Blackburn, Mrs Al-Yousuf told the audience: "There is a real duty to exhibit the best of our faiths, a tremendous amount of wisdom and discernment in dealing with people who are struggling, perhaps, with the issue of our times, which is this encounter between faiths." Imam Sahib of Bastwell Mosque in Blackburn, Lancashire, believes his role is to advise as best he can.Couples "whose religious differences become difficult to work out on their own and feel triangulated by faith communities on a wider level, it can have a very damaging impact on their relationships and their children."Isolation and mistrust can lead to relationship breakdowns and distrust in the other.When Heather Al-Yousuf, first met her husband of 28 years, they both felt a strong connection to their own faiths.But their love was not straightforward as Heather is Anglican and her husband is Shia Muslim.

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Heather Al-Yousuf has contributed to these and works to help many inter-faith couples.Since 2006, c Match has promised singles a safe haven to connect with like-minded people from around the world.Singles of all Christian denominations are welcome to join c Match for free and enjoy the fellowship of a genuine dating site."Islam is about peace, Islam is about family, family unity, Islam is about embracing different cultures and religions."My opinion is, if a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim man, you don't want to cast away that sister from the Muslim family, she will need support." Cannon Shannon Ledbetter of Blackburn Cathedral also feels providing support is important but that a same-faith couple benefits by being able to share religious rites together.

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