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The Onebip team participated in the speed networking session which we found really useful because we had a chance to have initial discussions with participants before sitting down at the Onebip booth for an in-depth meeting to discuss how we could work together.

We had three minute chats with around 16 companies during the networking session!

Auburn Hills Deputy Treasurer Dawn Keiser said that city residents can now use the payment system to pay local taxes, parking tickets, special assessments and utilities.

Until Auburn Hills began using the cloud service, she said, the city didn’t accept credit or debit cards because of security requirements and credit card fees.

The money typically comes in 24 to 48 hours later, and it’s very easy to see on our bank statement what it is for.” G2G Cloud Solutions also will offer a Web suite, which was piloted in Wolverine Lake, Mich., after the former provider pulled out.

Treasurer Michael Kondek said he thinks the commercial website providers left because revenues from the 4,300-member community did not meet their expectations.

It also will offer a number of local government applications developed in-house.

Mobile dating (or location-based) apps, such as Tinder or OK Cupid, have seen their user numbers rise exponentially.

The CEO of Tinder, Sean Rad, proudly said during the conference that their app has already generated 45 million matches .

Keiser said that with G2G Cloud Solutions, there were no fees to the city.

Users pay .50 for an e-check, and credit card fees are based on the payment amount, ranging from .50 up to 2.75 percent of larger payments.

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