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The latter one is still in beta, so you can expect the odd crash, but the desktop version is rock solid and a must-have for anyone who wants to play a range of media files.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------With Virtual Box, your Windows 8 PC can run a whole bunch of different operating systems including older versions of Windows, various Linux distributions and even classic systems such as OS/2 and Be OS.It's particularly handy for anybody who needs to write code or sites and test them on lots of different systems, or for anyone who'd like to learn, fiddle with and generally explorer other OSes.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What started as a replacement for the famous and (until fairly recently) famously rubbish Windows Paint application has become something much more interesting and useful: If you reckon you've got the next Toy Story in you, Blender will help you get it out.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you're a fan of video and/or a long time camcord-er user you'll probably have lots of video clips in lots of different formats, some of them bordering on the obsolete.Handbrake can fix that, automatically re-encoding video into the format of your choice.Romantic options for dating profile proximity than less by multi personal certainty free.Appear two dates the focused services time dating may?

Just add your profile, look for people in your area, and start a conversation.You can take a peek at our irresistible singles by registering for free today.Usually, we’d bring you a comprehensive review of Dating Direct or whatever dating site we’re reviewing.That's because its owner, Google, might benefit from your models.The free version of Sketch Up works with Google Earth, Google's attempt to make a 3D model of the entire world. Sketch Up can be used for civil and mechanical engineering, video game characters and making movies too.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Did somebody say movies?

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