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Also unchanged is the signature black glass front panel with control knobs, illuminated logo, and aluminum end caps with handles.

The front panel and meter have new direct LED backlighting for improved appearance and color accuracy.

Full power output is maintained through 2, 4 or 8 Ohm speakers via Mc Intosh Labs' Autoformer technology.

Updates and enhancements abound in the MC1.25KW include a 50% increase in filter capacity, which is said to improve the performance of low end frequencies as well as increasing dynamic headroom.

I can't say I was particularly surprised at this turn of events, because I had always thought that Class was a strange purchase for B&W, even as far back as 2001.

A convincing demonstration of great performance establishes credibility and authority, weakens the competition and builds the emotional excitement that is essential to closing sales.

Our plan is to make this a living document that can be updated with relevant ideas on an ongoing basis."Mc Intosh Labs is proud to announce their MC1.25KW Quad Balanced Power Amplifier.

According to press release "The guide reinforces the eight golden rules of performance-based selling: (1) Get right to the demo; (2) Set the stage, set the mood; (3) Script the demo; (4) Sweat the details; (5) Practice, practice, practice; (6) Simplify the demonstration; (7) If it doesn't perform better, it isn't better and (8) Performance is defined by the customer." Gary Warzin, chairman of the CEA High End Audio Board and president and CEO of Audiophile Systems, Ltd.

said "Specialty retailers who can effectively demonstrate performance have a distinct advantage.

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