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The mostly apolitical nature of Polandball is something that has remained with it throughout its history.Most comics are very innocent of actual offense, and any offense actually triggered is usually pinned and made fun of in a way that still gets across the innocence of what is going on.

I have had the pleasure of being in charge of the fan club for 35 of those years! The fan club is like a extended "family" for all Queen fans - our Members Only website has a friendly forum and chat room, and all our members are happy to share their love of all things Queen with everyone!We also organize regular parties to celebrate Freddie's birthday in September, Christmas parties and a host of other fun things...a visit to Montreux to see Freddie's statue perhaps? Polandball is an internet meme that consists of user-generated cartoon comics, artworks, and communities.The meme has developed differently than many other internet memes in that it has a strong community of followers across many websites, but is not always completely known of or understood outside of its communities.Regardless, Polandball has become a staple of many websites to depict international events.

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