Polis dating

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Forge mighty alliances with your friends, and plan to attack your common enemies together, via land, water, or the skies.

While on your epic journey to fame and glory; do not neglect to earn favor from the gods of the Greek Pantheon: Zeus, Hera, Athena, Hades, Poseidon, and Artemis.

Engaging here with Sourvinou-Inwood, Burkert maintains that the idea that "Greek religion was basically operated through the polis" needs qualification.

Generalizing this conclusion, the problem of pollution following a murder, for instance, becomes politically critical only when it is publicly declared; otherwise a killer simply leaves.

Jameson cites Lambert in suggesting that the thiasoi may have been more inclusive than the rigid phratries and gene.

Jameson relates this to the Heraklean thiasoi, of which three are known with certainty, and to a probable seven or eight further examples in IG II2 2345.

This is evidence for small group associations, centered on cults, that rose as larger and more formal groups, such as the demes, declined.

United you are strong, and you can expand your empire; city by city, island by island, and ocean by ocean!

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