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__________ Tours need to be booked at least 8 weeks in advance and will include a minimum of 10 tour stops over the course of one month on a variety of blogs.The author/publisher agrees to ship copies of their book to the bloggers hosting tour stops, to arrive at least 4 weeks prior to their tour dates.Formerly a Prohibition-era speakeasy supplied by Canadian rum runners, Moss Beach Distillery is now a seaside destination restaurant known for a spectacular brunch and hallways that are haunted by the spectre of a woman supposedly killed on the seashore near the restaurant.The place is also haunted by the ghosts of hundreds of dogs’ appetites.This modern new-American meets Latin hotspot near Old Tampa Bay is one of the nation’s premiere dog destinations thanks to scrambled egg brunch bark bowls, meaty entrees, and most importantly, non-alcoholic dog beer.Nestled up against Crescent Beach, the Inn by the Sea offers luxury accommodations for you and your pet, including a special four-legged menu at their restaurant Sea Glass, which features a ground-beef Meat Roaff, Doggy Gumbo, and even dessert, a big step up from the usual doggy digestif of licking one’s own crotch.

The boy's family had called police after noticing he hadn't returned home from the daycare more than two hours after he was expected home. When police arrived at the school, they found the young boy unresponsive in a van.

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and what’s the point of having a best friend if you can’t buy them a beer every once in a while?

While it might seem gluttonous to feed a NY strip to a schnauzer or give a bulldog a brew, restaurants across the country are indulging dog owners’ willingness to pamper their pups by offering specialty canine-only menus.

School employees were talking to investigators late into the night but authorities said no one had yet been taken into custody.

An Florida Department of Children and Families inspection report from last month showed that the academy had been cited for not keeping track of children being transported.

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