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I'm not going to say how wonderful I am etc..you like fun and the outdoors and animals and don't...

A security researcher has discovered that user data was until recently leaking from two health apps: Hzone, a dating app for HIV-positive singles, and i Fit, a fitness app. Meanwhile, more than 567,000 users were exposed in a data breach involving i Fit, an app that syncs with wearable devices and exercise equipment like Nordic Track and Reebok.

Giving it some extra time to stretch its legs and find an audience could be the best possible move, especially since that’s the point of the season when audiences start thirsting for something a little more fresh.

And happy to be a member of that club rather than a parody or a deconstruction.

Hopefully, the studio continues to treat this one right…and the crowds come out.

53 - Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town Just arrived back in town, would love to meet like minded women...

"It sounds like he's not over his last relationship," Spira says. "Looking For A Sexy And Passionate Woman." This might just be the absolute no-no for a girl who's looking for a serious mate. "I Love Romantic Walks On The Beach And Sunsets." Oh, so cliché. Chances are you'll see a sunset someday with one of your dates.

Spira says that though it might be great for the bedroom, getting under the sheets on the first date might send the wrong message — you're only into sex.3.

If you're not doing yoga yet, it's time to get started.

In addition to being great for your potential sex life, it's also great for your mind, body and your spirit. Admitting You're Not Afraid To ' Feel.' Here's the thing about the word 'feeling' — it lets a man know that you're not afraid to be authentic and that you're in touch and brave enough not to hide from your real self. "Using the words, ' I respect when a man does what he needs to fulfill his life', shows that he will be respected and at the same time feel free to enjoy himself, Colada says.

She says, "Great relationships don't always include the word 'soul-mate' in them" and she's totally right.

"It sounds like you're dreaming about someone that’s too good to be true."2.

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    A wise man once told me, 'A man is someone who shows his emotions, a coward is someone who hides them.' It has never failed me and has brought me great success." How beautiful.

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