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It is a vital, busy place offering a variety of services and activities that change with the needs and desires of its members.

Mission: The Portage Senior Center provides programs and opportunities that promote personal growth, health, friendship and independence for adults aged 50 and over.

While there is no single definition of unprofessional conduct, the Federation of State Medical Board defines such conduct as: Billing disputes and poor customer service are generally not viewed as unprofessional conduct.

Sometimes an interviewer will ask inappropriate questions accidentally, and in that case, you may choose to answer them politely, avoiding the substance of the question but addressing the intent.

Here's more information on what interviewees can and cannot be asked and how to respond if you are asked an inappropriate question.

For example, it's acceptable to require the candidate to be a Roman Catholic for a job as director of faith formation for a Catholic parish.

If you are asked an illegal interview question or the questions begin to follow an illegal trend, you always have the option to end the interview or refuse to answer the question.

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