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Inspired by Smith and Matul, Woworuntu decided to use her ordeals to educate and raise awareness in the community—“I don’t want people to experience what I did.district,https://zapier.com/engine/rss/1124838/Everbridge Notification2/;washington, the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, convicted sex offenders enrolled or employed at institutions of higher education, whether on a full- or part-time basis, must register with their employer or college.One day, in her “hopeless and homeless condition,” she met a U. Navy officer who heard her story and brought her to the FBI. Because she was a survivor during the early years of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, human trafficking shelters such as CDC had yet to established. “I became more paranoid, I became crazy.” Woworuntu increasingly depended on alcohol to calm herself, and even attempted suicide after suffering abuse from her second husband, a fellow Indonesian.Woworuntu showed officers her diary, which she always had with her. “When you’re in a relationship with someone you always forgive them,” she said.CHICAGO — When Marelyn Garcia met the man who would become her boyfriend, little did she know he would become the trigger to her heroin addiction, and eventually her pimp, after he coerced her into working the streets to fund their addiction.It was in a Chicago club one night in 1996 where Garcia was first introduced to him.Online traffickers typically form cyber relationships with young teenagers, steadily gaining their trust and making them feel like nobody but the [trafficker] can empathize with their struggles.

Garcia described the pimp-trafficking victim relationship as a complex one. It’s the love that you wanted for so long and did not have that will make it okay for you to be with the pimp.” The issue of human trafficking has also impacted students.

“People don’t know the difference between ‘prostitute’ and ‘victim’. “We as a community can do something about it through our own activism …

just talking to your son or husband, or looking into [their] bedrooms and see what’s going on,” she said, including keeping an eye for pornography watching by youth and adults – particularly pornography featuring sex slavery.

Most recently, F3 hosted guest speaker Leif Coorlim, executive editor of the CNN Freedom Project, which raises awareness on human trafficking.

Kim thinks it is crucial for people not to see prostitutes as criminals — something many states, including Illinois, are starting to recognize with harsher penalties against johns and treatment for women caught in the trap.

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