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It is truly horrifying to watch someone being killed with a gun.

Since the creation of video, thousands of people have been murdered on camera.

JJ: Right, naturally with Carl Crawford as a fiancé.

JJ: In the epic game of ) I’m so not good at Paper, Rock, Scissors. JJ: When you see a yellow traffic light what’s the first thing that pops into your head? But I don’t do it because I usually have a kid in the car.

For a government agency, NASA has a notably off-color sense of humor.

Evelyn Lozada: Honestly, I hated sports growing up. It has become tradition to name newly discovered Jupiter moons after the many girlfriends and boyfriends of the Roman god (when astronomers ran out of candidates in 2004, they started using the names of children born to Jupiter and his many paramours). The spacecraft is named Juno, after Jupiter's wife.Now, with the hope of learning more about our mysterious gassy friend, NASA has sent a probe to Jupiter — the Juno spacecraft entered the planet's orbit this weekend, and will come close enough to investigate what goes on over there (i.e. Oh, and after orbiting the planet 37 times, the spacecraft will crash into Jupiter's surface and meet its death. Five years ago, when the Juno spacecraft began its long journey to Jupiter, NASA released a statement about the mission which touched on the origins of the spacecraft's name: NASA doesn't point out that the "mischief" here is serial adultery, but it's clear that they know what they're doing.One Reddit commenter points out that NASA's scheming to get Jupiter busted seems sort of rude.And it's true — it's not a very kind way to repay all of Jupiter's years of loyal service protecting us from possible extinction events.

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