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She sat on my bed and lifted her knees to her chin revealing that she had panties on at least. “You have to be fucked by a guy to see if you like it. ” She now laid straight back on my bed and stared up to the ceiling with her arms over her head as if deep in thought.Her long slender legs glistened with freshly applied baby oil. A dildo or vibrator won’t cut it.” “But I don’t want just any guy! Her shirt clung to every inch of her body and she was lying in such a way that her pink panties were the center of attention.Again and again I pounded her like the slut she really was.After fucking her for several minutes, I told her to switch positions so I could fuck her doggy-style.The thing of it, though, is that she acts like a slut, dresses like a slut, and talks like a slut, but she has never been fucked and has not even given anyone a blowjob!She told me she was scared to have sex even though all of her girlfriends have been laid.She moaned a little as her cherry popped but that motivated me even more to go harder into her.

A little blood was coming from her twat but that was to be expected from her popped cherry.

It certainly didn’t slow her desire to have my dick deep inside her. I thought she might say something but she just kept on moaning with pleasure as I banged her slit. I pulled out of her twat and my dick was covered with a combination of cunt juice, blood and sweat – more than enough lubrication for that tight asshole.

While I was fucking her, my eyes were fixated on her sweet puckered asshole. After three fingers, I figured I loosened up her dirt hole enough for my rod. I put my cock head on her puckered hole and slowly pushed in.

Of course, prancing around with a string bikini top and dental floss thong covering her asshole and a little sliver of nylon covering her immaculately shaved twat does present problems to guys trying to keep their mind on the road.

She knows she could have any guy fuck her in a New York minute and uses it to get what she wants.

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