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But in this day and age, a committed, loving relationship—like that of "Bush and the Tush"—should to be celebrated rather than berated.

We applaud should consider putting Robin Thicke on their next cover—the gorgeous blue-eyed white boy soul singer's endless devotion to his African-American queen of a wife (Actress Paula Patton) is articulated in every one of his songs.

I know a large part of it is due to entertainment-industry maneuvering (her mom Kris and Ryan Seacreast make a pretty penny off her fame), but it’s nothing if not fueled by an appetite from fans and haters alike. And maybe that makes her threatening to some black women.

And she gets a lot attention from black women — some of whom seem to have a real problem with her existence. She shot to fame much in the same way Paris Hilton did — appearing on red carpets, then on a sex tape, and then on reality TV. While I don’t think she means it to be this way, Kardashian reaps the benefits of having traits commonly attributed to black women — the dark features, the full lips, and of course, the curvy body — without incurring the perceived liability of actually being a black woman.

Bottom line (no pun intended), no one can keep it in their pants anymore, regardless of race.

With all the interracial stuff going on, all humans will probably be beige in about a hundred years anyway (thank you, Russell Peters) and this argument will be long moot.

The Essence boards are reeling over the fact Kim Kardashian’s boy toy Reggie Bush is being featured on the cover.

The magazines, the blogs, the reality shows, the girl is everywhere.

Such as Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Forest Whitaker, Samuel Jackson, Bill Cosby, LL Cool J, Chris Rock, Boris Kodjoe, Snoop Dog, Jay-Z, Eddie Murphy (was married) and so on. Why all of a sudden are we choosing to attack Reggie Bush? No need for Essence to twist the knife in the heart. It can be difficult being a woman out here on the dating scene having to pick and choose among the many losers to find your prince charming. Listen sista’s, although frustrated that does not give us the excuse to become bitter and attack someone for his personal choice and feel that that personal choice gives us a right to decide whether or not he should be congratulated for his success by being placed on the cover of an African American publication. It is totally possible that Reggie might have some self hate issues.

Scenes like these make some Black women wonder what exactly does he feel is wrong with a Black women that he refuses to date one? In the end he can choose who he wants to love and who does not. However in the end his partner is still his choice. Bush with an equally curvaceous sista on his arm but I do not think that his choice of the opposite should somehow disqualify him for receiving props and accolades. His choices and decisions in love do not nor should they, take away or define him as a successful Black man. Would you want those same guidelines and restrictions placed on you?

The comments ranged from disappointed to downright hateful, with women calling Kardashian a “whore” and worse.

(pronounced “hater”), host Mario Lopez introduces so-called haters to the reality stars they despise the most.

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