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I may be a school for the troubled, but ain't I one too? So that's how I found myself staring at the Yancy Academy gates.

The school looked alright, it certainly looked like a private school. Here is your class schedule, and also a map for the school, in case you find it hard to adjust here.

My mother raised me in the eyes of New York society. They all treated me like dirt when they found I slept with two guys in a week; with best friends no less. But no, they also left me once they learned what I did to them.

She raised me to be the perfect daughter, the perfect girl. Confining me in a rehabilitation center would clearly dampen my flawless reputation, so she is confused on why I am not resisting her. I wouldn't blame them for their reactions, but I just hoped that they even cared to listen and let me explain. She became my rock this couple of weeks, and I couldn't be more thankful.

I smiled when I noticed a few limos dropped girls and boys off. I also glanced down at the map, and groaned that my English class was at the farthest part of the corridor. I am not hoping that every detail would come out perfect, so please just bear with me. Also, this happens after Percy returns the lightning bolt to Zeus.

I entered the gates slowly, and a look of distain crossed my face when I saw the hallway. They were boys punching each other, girls having catfights and Goths hanging around. I frowned and turned around, heading to the other direction. Normally, I would smack the face of someone who would talk to me like that. He still goes to Camp Half-Blood, but also occasionally goes to school. Everything will be explained once the story continues. It is just the beginning; the foundation on what will happen in the next few chapters.

“I walked through this tunnel to get to [the] stage while people just like him marched in Charlottesville.

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I then noticed that their shocked expressions immediately transformed into worry.

His arms were wrapped around me, preventing me to fall."Thank you." I told him, relieved etched across my face.

He helped me stood up awkwardly, and I inspected him once more.

Lee statue, and one counter protester was killed in a car ramming attack.

In their responses on social media, both drew comparisons to the dark history of Berlin.

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