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There is more information on our licensing and copyright policy at: Licensing Copyrights We choose the Creative Commons licensing for images, sound and other multimedia files because we consider it the best available tool for ensuring our projects can remain free for all to use, while providing credit to everyone who donates for images, sound and other multimedia files in a less cumbersome manner than the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), which we also accept and was designed by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) for free works and can be found at

This may or may not be compatible with your goals in creating the materials available on your website.

Your credit would be attached to the image, along with a link back to either your Flickr profile or other website of your choice.

The contents of the CC-BY-SA license can be found at you are willing to contribute your image under the terms of CC-BY-SA, you can change the license by going to the image's Flickr page and under the "Taken" date, clicking on the currently applied license and selecting "Attribution-Share Alike".

must now provide its Taxpayer Identification Number ("TIN") to the Department of Justice.

You are under no obligation to release any material under such licenses, but I thought that for public-relations purposes, you might want to consider it given Wikipedia's great popularity.

You can read the complete license at " Text_of_Creative_Commons_Attribution-Share Alike_3.0_Unported_License".

I am one of the many volunteer editors of the English Wikipedia (, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia accepts only freely-licensed pictures like those with Creative Commons "Attribution" and "Share Alike" licenses.

Unfortunately we cannot accept the "Non Commercial" or "No Derivs" variants.

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