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values the privacy of their members and makes sure that personal and confidential information won’t be shared with anyone that you did not specifically agreed to share particular information with.

Extra Services is old school dating service mixed with technology revolution.

Members of have access to a team of relationship professionals that would actually call up members to set up an interview about personal information.

Members will have the chance to get their photos and/or videos done professionally by professional photographers.

At a Florida fishing village, eight-year-old orphan Finn Bell (Jeremy James Kissner), talented at art, is left in the care of his sister and her husband, Joe (Chris Cooper).

One day, Finn helps a chained, escaped convict who appears in the surf.

This allows members to make sure that the people they are talking to are real members and not posers.

Benefits is way different from other sites because they have a more personal approach to matching their members with one another.On other days, he visits Paradiso Perduto, where he plays with young Estella (Raquel Beaudene), niece of the mansion's colorful, flamboyant, and extremely wealthy owner, Ms.Dinsmoor (Anne Bancroft), who parallels the novel's tragic Miss Havisham, a woman jilted at the altar and left emotionally scarred and mentally imbalanced. Dinsmoor watches Finn draw a portrait of Estella, she plots to mold Estella into a hard woman capable of destroying men.Alfonso Cuaron (The Little Princess) directed this Mitch Glazer screenplay, a modernization of the 1860-61 classic by Charles Dickens.Some situations in the film are presented as memories -- the way the central figure, Finnegan Bell (Ethan Hawke) recalls events many years later.

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