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Or may be you are best friends, you laugh together more than anyone else.

The feelings of anticipation, passion, and connection are mutual.

White, natural, unique or your very own, The Palm Beaches are perfectly suited for a wedding of any style. Here is the list of's Top 10 Most Romantic Songs. 42% of respondents admitted to having a one-night stand during a getaway.

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Here are some of the greatest — and most surprising — punk rock love songs ever: The classic.

With this song, The Buzzcocks (again, what a name) introduced a remarkably challenging vision of love to the '70s punk scene.

At first it seems an utterly vitriolic denouncement of someone you never should have loved.

Source: 1) Do learn what’s behind your bad-boy habit.

If you find you’re always dating a guy who makes you feel paranoid, insecure or just plain bad, it might be time to take an honest look within.

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