Rover and duji dating 2016

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Megyn Kelly caused a stir for her treatment of a gay man. The show is broadcasting from a very famous Hollywood set. Crystal, a 30 year old medical assistant, comes in for The Hook-up. Ex-cop Jason Stockley found not guilty in black man's death. What's the difference between a janitor and a custodian? Transracial man born white feels like he is Filipino. Jeffrey completes the 1st annual Jeffrey Allen La Rocque Pre-Diabetic Pre-Memorial Walk to Work. Jeffrey finds out on the air that it's his wife's birthday. Louis CK is accused by 5 women of sexual misconduct. Rocky, a 36 year old server, comes in for The Hook-up. Kevin Spacey comes out after being accused of sexual assault. Jeffrey's friend is complaining about the show to Ballrag. Rover accuses Charlie and Nadz of racism for wearing Indians' hats. Lawmakers say secretly removing condoms during sex should be illegal. Charlie Long Drive Challenge; Did Jeffrey take a secret dump on the bus? Spider calls in to talk Las Vegas shooting conspiracy. Charlie saw Jeffrey's entire family walking down the street. Rover wonders if he was offensive in a text to his sister. Alisyn Camerota talks about being sexually harassed. Chris Matthews, author and political commentator, calls in to talk about his new book. Corey the board op claims he was grabbed by Charlie Sheen. Jay Pharoah, actor and comedian, stops by the studio. Cemetery repossessed gravestone of child for unpaid bills. Three women accuse Weinstein of rape as Paltrow and Jolie allege sexual harassment. Snitzer got pulled over on his electric skateboard. Movie theaters must accommodate deaf-blind patrons. Miami Dolphins coach allegedly snorts cocaine in team office. Instagram video emerges of Dan Bilzerian demanding a gun from a cop. Mom thrown in jail for refusing to vaccinate her son. Greg Harris, Rock Hall President and CEO, calls in. Duji doesn't think we can have an aisle at Holy Moses Matrimony. Jeffrey tries to plan out who will be in his wedding. NYPD cop who wrongfully arrested James Blake is now suing James Blake. Will Mary Elizabeth show up to The Holy Moses Matrimony? Trump attacks ESPN after anchor calls him a white supremacist Kevin Farley, actor and comedian, stops by the studio.

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Jeffrey fell asleep during Rover’s heartfelt tribute to his agent. Jeffrey flips off Rover after paying back his loan. Hackers say they broke Apple’s Face ID using a mask. Roy Halladay was allegedly showboating before his plane crash. Guy wants Rover to pay him 800 billion dollars for his music. Jeffrey is in a sour mood after his wife overheard a conversation between Rover and Duji. The crew tries to copy the Tell Me Something Good segment. Boston Celtics' Gordon Hayward suffers fractured ankle in season opener. Guy Fieri brings barbecue smoker to Santa Rosa fire. Pink and husband Carey Hart can go a year without sex. Woman files 1st lawsuit against MGM Resorts over Las Vegas shooting. President Trump pauses during remarks to take a sip of water. Lexy, a 24 year old dancer, comes in for The Hook-up. Duji and Nadz are battling over Nadz going to Florida. Green Beret killed by SEALs after he uncovered alleged theft. Women rescued after spending 5 months lost at sea plan their next trip. Starz CEO drops 1 million dollars to have Snoop Dogg at kids’ Halloween party. Snitzer made a pilgrimage to see a Star Wars Halloween decoration. Jeffrey’s daughter is going as a sexy schoolgirl for Halloween. Olympic gymnast Mc Kayla Maroney accuses doctor of sexual assault. Trump tells fallen soldier's widow he knew what he signed up for. The crew goes over the details of Nadz's car accident. Colin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners for collusion. Psycho mother sent nude photos of married lover to his wife and children when she got dumped. James Corden apologises for Weinstein jokes at charity event. Duji went out Saturday night and her mom said she looked stupid. Duji had a suspicious 300 dollar charge on her account. Trump suggests challenging NBC's broadcast license. Ben Affleck apologizes for groping Hilarie Burton on camera. Jeffrey didn't get his wife anything for her birthday. Youth hockey coach fired after profanity laced pregame rant. Model, 27, faces backlash for appearing to hit on 14-year-old Stranger Things star. Rover woke up in the middle of the night to order the new i Phone. Listener’s boss is having an affair and asks for advice. Eminem lashes out at Trump with freestyle rap video. Detroit firefighter fired for bringing watermelon to station. Radio host Delilah announces leave of absence after son's suicide. Did Jeffrey forget to sign a field trip permission slip? Listener compares the Bloods and the Crips to the US military. Jeffrey's son had a major temper tantrum over a ceiling fan. Gretchen Carlson calls in to talk about sexual harassment. Katie Armiger says she was blacklisted from country music after sexual harassment allegations. Fox kept Bill O'Reilly despite 32M sexual harassment settlement. Jeffrey has an open wound on his foot analyzed by nurse. ESPN’s Jemele Hill suspended from network for two weeks. Las Vegas gunman shot security guard six minutes before massacre. Nelly arrested after allegations of rape, released with no charges.

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