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Worcester’s published in 1889 gave America its very first glimpse of the Filipino culture.Worcester’s first interest was not in the people of the country, but rather in the flora and fauna.A balance of cultures, ethnicities and genders help bring new ideas and creativity to GKN.We need people of different backgrounds, with different skills and perspectives to spark originality, imagination and creativeness in our teams around the world. We treat all our employees and applicants fairly and are committed to ensuring that there is no discrimination or harassment against any employee or qualified applicant on the grounds of age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality, sex, or veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

“Little Brown Brothers” The photographs were placed on a hierarchical scale that ranked natives from savage to civilized.

Worcester, used a very small amount of images to create a norm for an entire population and then used those selections to justify the U.

S.’s moral obligations to the Filipino people in such a way that the American public would be accepting of war efforts that left a nation dependent on another government politically, economically, and culturally for almost half a century. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior for the Philippines, documents and classifies the progress of civility in the nation through photography.

The general public forwent privacy for cheaper mailing rates. The “golden age of postcards” meant that messages could finally be composed on the back side of the divided postcard and the front side contained a full image.

The first copyright for a private postcard was given to John P. The Real Photo Postcards (RPPC) tradition first emerges strictly as a form of advertising during the Private Mailing Card Era; however, it popularizes during the golden era when over “677 million postcards were mailed” during the first fiscal year.

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