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The story of four Palestinian women, "Miral" is no political tract but a melodrama, emphasis on heartache, selfless sacrifice and often lush visuals.

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One of the strongest scenes involves a would-be act of terrorism by a Palestinian and unequivocally identifies with the intended victims.

He defends that this is a movie about empathy and peace.

He told the LA Times: ""I love the state of Israel.

Played by the fine actress Hiam Abbass (best known stateside for "The Visitor"), the well-to-do Hind is an intriguing character, never looking back as she welcomes hundreds of orphans into what would become Dar Al-Tifel, a school that's still functioning.

Two brief, evocative scenes with a visiting American (Willem Dafoe) suggest a path untaken, but Hind's emotional life goes unexplored.

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