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But the charming way that she describes going from trying to choke her baby brother with potato chips to their fun, loving relationship is what makes the read worth it.As long as we’re in the Whoverse, local hero Jane Espenson talks about getting to write for the upcoming Torchwood series.Did you know that Captain Jack is terrified of Autons?

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Marking the series finale of “River Monsters” this weekend, Animal Planet’s Dave Salmoni introduces Kathie Lee and Hoda to some adorable (though sometimes stinky) baby animals, including a bear cub, a wolf pup and a cute little baby warthog.

Dave Salmoni (born September 4, 1975) is a Canadian animal trainer, entertainer and television producer.

He has his own production company, Triosphere, which is based in South Africa and specializes in wildlife films.

Ruby Rose first made my radar when she hogged all the screentime in a special about coming out with Matthew Mitcham.

But I can’t deny the MTV Australia VJ is a charismatic lady.

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