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First of all Abe Tadashi is not exactly a name that will catapult your ass out of that lazy chair, unless you are acquainted with either the Japanese early seventies hypnotism community or with much sought after underground labels such as Tengu Records out of Osaka that released a similar cultural oddity by like Hikita Tenko.It is in a similar aesthetic that this Abe Tadashi disc falls into place.

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At times the disc draws in Middle Eastern influences (sitar and tabla) but once she gets into singing, the listener gets subdued into her own private, mysterious sonic world, through which one gets sucked in by her wide-ranged vocalizations.

Abe Tadashi was an illusionist/ hypnotist and medical practitioner who got quite some minor fame in Japan in the years to follow.

But at the time of this recording, Abe was just a struggling and largely unknown doctor and hypnotist who recorded this one oddity for Union Records.

At the time of this recording, Sai Yoshiko was merely 23 years old.

One of Sai Yoshiko’s biggest fans is Jojo Hiroshige from Hijokaidan and Alchemy records, who eventually, 25 years after she recorded this stunning album, dove in the studio with her for the “Crimson Voyage” CD (Alchemy Rec) on which she merely attributed some sighs and moans.

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