Samuel l jackson dating history

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“God only knows what this country would be if those people had free reign – the one per cent [of the wealthiest Americans] would be reigning.” He also shares his country’s outrage at the killing of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in February, by armed vigilante George Zimmerman.Thanks to America’s “stand your ground” law (which allows citizens to use deadly force in self-defence) Zimmerman avoided arrest for 46 days by claiming that he followed Martin for “looking suspicious” and only shot when the teenager attacked him.This time Thor’s evil brother Loki (a menacing Tom Hiddleston) is planning to take over the Earth and Fury must persuade superheroes Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) and The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), among others, to join forces.Though Fury is central to the story, Jackson admits that supporting roles in blockbusters fail to stretch him these days.’” He admits, however, that his father’s absence has made his relationship with Zoe a priority. My aunt was a schoolteacher and I was reading by the time I was three.” Indeed, Jackson was a model student.“One of the reasons La Tanya and I stayed together was that we felt that Zoe deserved two parents in the same place, because my wife was also the product of a broken home.” Even so, Jackson has mainly positive memories of an upbringing he describes as “great and loving. “[I was] extremely well read and different from my friends in that respect.“I get paid like B-list white actors,” he said at the time. “Sure and for Hispanic and Asian actors, it’s got better for everybody.” He pauses and grins. The five to 10 million dollar co-starring roles are gone; they’re doing event films they can put anybody in.” We move from Hollywood to American politics, a subject on which Jackson, a staunch Democrat who campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008, is equally blunt.“The problem with our government is that there are too many voices and if they’re not in your political party then they’re not going to let you get anything accomplished because they want you to look bad.” His opinion of Mitt Romney and his Republican peers?

My teachers [at his all-black school] knew that my family wanted me to go to college so they held me to a high standard.“I didn’t resist because I was ready.” Ironically, two weeks after rehab he began shooting what would become his breakout film performance, as a crack addict in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever (1991).“It was the first thing I did without a substance in my body,” says Jackson, who is now a “great friend” of Lee’s.Samuel L Jackson has just finished dinner at a local restaurant in New Orleans, where the maximum tip permitted by the owner is set at 0.Of course, Samuel L Jackson left his delighted waitress the full amount. I mostly like Cajun, blues, I’m not a huge jazz fan,” says Jackson, an accomplished musician himself who played the French horn and flute as a child, and has since added the piano, cello and guitar to his repertoire.

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