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Cast: Blaise Miller, Grace Love, Shaneye Ferrell and David Hickey , directed and written by David Singer. A struggling actress working as a diamond courier conspires to stage a fake robbery, setting up her ex-boyfriend as the fall guy.

Cast: Virginia Kull, Marilu Henner, Ed Begley, Jr., Zach Mc Gowan, Ashton Holmes, Chelcie Ross and Jerry Mackinnon , directed and written by Polly Steele. The film is set in the year 2000 following not only Helga and Traudi’s journeys but the next two generations and how Beth, Helga’s daughter and Emily her granddaughter are confronted with the unraveling of the darkest of family secrets.

, directed by Lauren Hollingsworth and written by Kaitlin Mc Laughlin, Inbal B. , directed by Lysa Heslov, written by Lysa Heslov and Tchavdar Georgiev. Five women veterans who have endured unimaginable trauma in service create a shared sisterhood to help the rising number of stranded homeless women veterans by entering into a competition that unexpectedly catalyzes moving events in their own lives to bring them full circle in a quest for healing and hope , directed by Johanna B Kelly, written by Johanna B Kelly and Cameron Marshad. Over 2 billion people on earth eat insects for protein. Jennifer Brea is an active Harvard Ph D student about to marry the love of her life when suddenly her body starts failing her. Brooke Guinan is the first openly transgender firefighter in New York City. Cast: Katee Sackhoff, Jade Pettyjohn, Jeremy Sisto, Heather Matarazzo, Judy Reyes and Diego Josef , directed by Daniel Maldonado, written by Daniel Maldonado and Hector Carosso. A ‘love letter’ to New York City woven of two stories through its subways and ethnic enclaves.

“The Gateway Bug” explores how changing daily eating habits can feed humanity in an uncertain age, one meal at a time. Hoping to shed light on her strange symptoms, Jennifer grabs a camera and films the darkest moments unfolding before her eyes as she is derailed by M. (commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), a mysterious illness some still believe is “all in your head.” , directed and written by Amanda Micheli. Some think an in vitro fertilization contest sounds crazy, but countless Americans desperate to start a family believe this social media experiment is their only hope. As a third-generation firefighter, Brooke has a passion for heroism that runs in her blood. Cast: Jeremy Ray Valdez, Jesús Ochoa, Angela Lin and Carlo Alban , directed by David Hickey, written by Blaise Miller and David Hickey. A truly homemade film about a down and out brother that shows up unannounced, altering the routine of his sister’s family.

“Building on the success of each passing year, we are excited to see our community is experiencing rapid expansion,” said festival president of prgramming Wendy Guerrero. and countries around the world, including Canada, France, Nicaragua, Brazil, the UK, India, Austria, the Philippines, and Iran.

“We received a staggering 247 percent increase in submissions.” This year’s event will include more 45 feature length titles, including 19 narratives, 14 documentaries, 18 short films, and more. The festival will open on May 2 with the transgender drama , starring Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts, and Susan Sarandon.

Festival passes range from 0-,000, and are currently on sale at To make a humane kill, these animal lovers confront tormenting ethics and their worst nightmares, partly to eat dinner, and partly to carve out their own identities in a world increasingly at odds with reality and nature.

To receive the honor, undergraduate students must have cumulatively completed 12 credit hours of college-level work, including at least six credit hours earned during the current term and at least a 3.7 term grade point average.

For the third straight year, a sleepy little town just a few miles north of Fayetteville will be home to a major film festival in the springtime.

Thelma Juaton, a 28-year-old Filipina, died Wednesday, Sept.

22, a day after her car crashed near Mount Emma Road and Angeles Forest Highway in Angeles Crest, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.

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