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(And don’t tell me—or yourself—that the show too complicated or “extravagant” to boil down to a single story-engine or type of show.Just as every story throughout history can be boiled down to a single sentence, every reality show can be distilled down to a single story-engine.(I know some successful game show producers that do this regularly; they build a rudimentary set and let the execs actually play—just like on television!) Or it may mean you simply need to articulate precisely how the game is played, giving examples of challenges and illustrating why they’re exciting to watch.If so, your first priority is to show execs why these pieces of talent are so wonderful.Are they best captured in a short video that follows their daily lives and interactions?On the other hand, if your show is format-based, how can you bring that format to life for potential buyers?Is your format based on an actual game, like (both of which are currently being produced as TV game shows), which you can let execs play and enjoy themselves?

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there often value to shooting a “sizzle reel,” or demo, for a reality show… Let’s first take a step back and look at the foundation of your project… Format-driven shows derive story and conflict from a particular format, often a game or competition.

Scroll down to “Selected Video Pitches.”) Now, bear with me; I’m going to pick on you for a second…

I’ve said all this because it’s imperative to know which type of show you’re pitching…

Is your talent a stand-up comic who shines most when performing onstage… Or is your host at her best when she’s just being herself, one-on-one…

and the perfect vehicle to highlight this is to let her participate in the pitches?

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