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Dogs seem to remember being “quicked” as well as just about anything I can think of.Once it happens it’s critical to go back to the early steps of conditioning and work your way back up slowly3) They dislike the sound of the clippers.In session Four I trimmed an entire paw, although again only doing about half of what needed to be done.In Session Five I tried to do two paws, with lots of treat between, but that was too much.Be forewarned, I’m not a groomer, so groomers please, please jump in here! Holding it behind my back, I’d turn it on, give Willie a treat, turn it off. In Session Three I ground 2 nails down just at tiny bit, giving him a treat between ‘grinds'(would have given them during but needed 3 hands).Then we did some more ‘Turn dremel on, Give Treat” with no contact.In August of 2011, I wrote an article titled “The Nail Wars,“ about the value of a “grinder” (also called a Dremel, but that’s a brand name) when trimming a dog’s nails.

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That, and my client’s dogs, got me to thinking: Could the click of a clippers condition dogs to expect something aversive as easily as something good as in Clicker Training? After all a ‘click’ is extremely effective at getting a dog’s attention.(The treats are visible to her here, on the other side of my leg.) Notice she is calm and compliant, but I’d much rather her mouth be open with a more relaxed expression.(FYI, that’s my finger behind her paw, not her tongue.) This all got me thinking again about why so many dogs dislike nail trims with clippers, especially in relation to sound-sensitive dogs like Maggie.Now that I have three sets of nails to trim, I find myself thinking about it again too.Right now I am using the clippers for Tootsie and Maggie, and the Dremel for Willie.

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